This page lists the projects and their members. If you are looking for students to recruit into your team, or you don't have a team, please post in the project_team discussion thread.
PS: And to avoid being contacted after your team has formed, please put the team name into the first field of the entry with your name so people know that you are no longer available.
(ASW): Mentored by Andreas
(JPC): Mentored by Jeremy
27May and 01Jun is the presentation date for that team.

Project 1 (JPC, 01Jun):

Provide users with easy-to-use self-metrics for understanding who they are in terms of their Facebook profile, how they compare to their friends and colleagues, and how this changes over time.
Team members:
Ashwin Purohit,
Thomas Haymore,
Brian Liu,
Felix Huber, fhuber AT stanford DOT edu

Project 2 (JPC, 27May no presentation, but 1 page 8.5x11 handed out to everyone in class): T+'+

Twitter optimizer: create tool to allow users to optimize their tweets
Team members:
Nedu Ottih,
Maurizio Calo, mcalo012 (AT) this university DOT edu
Diego Molino,
Mike Paulus,
Jeremy Karmel,

Project 3 (ASW, 27May): Team That Makes You Go Hmmm

We're going to explore ways of connecting people's social data to their commerce data. Possible data source could be scraping information from Blippy.
Team members:
Daniel Goodwin,
Daniel Terry,
Tony Hsieh,
Rob Cosgriff,
Samantha Price,

Project 5 (JPC, 01Jun): BAnd-wiTH

HappyMap Website Specs page

Team members:
Alex Muller,
Jose M. Leis,
Eshan Singh,
Shahan Parshad,
Tal Rusak,
Kevin Gabayan, kevingabayan gmail com

Project 6 (ASW, 01Jun): Team 4G1G (Online Gaming Revenue Models)

Drawing behavioral marketing inferences from different proposed revenue models of online games
Team members:
Yexiang Tan
Man Ling Lo
Wan Jing Loh
Bo Zhi See

Project 7 (JPC, 01Jun): Howlly (Geo Social Search Recommendation)

Howlly is a social search recommendation engine that will leverage Foursquare's API to gather users geolocation data to surface relevant content. Specs page:
Team members:
Jonathan Golden, jpgolden [at]
Sinit Vitavasiri,
Stephen Ehikian,
Alex Point,
Neha Kothari,
Joe Motyka,

Project 8 (ASW, 27May): PYSCO

(People You Should Check Out) Specs
Create a recommendation engine which improves the efficiency of people recommendations
Team members:
Stephen Dean Guo,
Yi Lu,
Sandeep Sripada,
Yinfeng Qin,
Devang Mundhra,
Leo Kung,

Project 9 (ASW, 01Jun): Health Socialites

Our goal is to incentivize the collection of health related information from various communities in order to provide both user valuable aggregate information from their locale (ie. health relative to others, health advice from ppl with similar conditions). Our data sources will likely be and
Team members:
Nicholas Hwang
Evelyn Ling
David O'Steen
Greg Tang

Project 10 (ASW): Social Capital

(fill in short description of project)
Team members:
Noah Burbank,

Project 11 (JPC, 27May): Truth or Dare

(Informational Website)
Team members:
Joe Lau,
George Tang,
Jason Wei,

Who is in the class?

I appreciate the rich diversity of the students in class, and am happy that people bring to bear both their academic perspective and their personal experiences. To give you a quick overview of the backgrounds of the students in class, here is the breakdown by departments (as of March 29, 2010, 5pm):
MS&E 237 Sp 2010: Social Data Revolution -- Backgrounds

23 MS&E Masters students

Mgmt Sci & Engineering - Mgmt Sci & Engineering (MS)

14 GSB students

Business Administration - (MBA)

Business Administration - Sloan Fellows (MSc)
23 other graduate students

Electrical Engineer - Electrical Engineering (MS)

Mgmt Sci & Engineering - Mgmt Sci & Engineering (PhD)

Management - Management (MS)

Computer Science - Computer Science (MS)

Material Sci & Eng - Materials Science & Engr (MS)

Financial Mathematics - Financial Mathematics (MS)

East Asian Studies - East Asian Studies (MA)

Biomedical Informatics - Biomedical Informatics (MS)

18 undergraduate students

Undergraduate Matriculated - Computer Science (BS)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Electrical Engineering (BS)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Undeclared (B)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Economics (BA)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Economics (BAH)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Engineering (BS)/MS&E(BS)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Math & Comp Science (BS)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Math & Comp Science (BSH)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Mechanical Engineer (BS)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Mgmt Sci & Engineering (BS)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Political Science (BA)

Undergraduate Matriculated - STSS (BA)/Hum Bio (Min)

Undergraduate Matriculated - Symbolic Systems (BS)