1) Final Extra Credit Assignment [Up to 10 points]
Due 11:59pm, June 6th, by email to mse237@gmail.com

If you'd like to put in one last bit of effort towards the class (and your grade):
MS&E 237 has tried to expose you to an emerging point of view of the world: The perspective of data created and shared by individuals. We saw this in many contexts. The critical piece of the puzzle moving forward is: After the small number early adopters of services such as blippy and foursquare: how will the social data revolution change the behavior of the next billion people?

Assignment: Write two thoughtful, compelling, engaging, creative, high quality pages articulating your vision of how the social data revolution will drive behavioral change for the next billion people on the planet.

Total number of points you can receive: 10 (ten).
Please don't hesitate to contact Jeremy or Andreas if you have any questions/want to bounce any ideas you might have.

2) Social Data Revolution on Wikipedia [Up to 10 points]
Due 11:59pm, June 6th, by email to mse237@gmail.com
There's a glaring hole in wikipedia, and it's the social data revolution page! This is your chance to be immortalized forever in wikipedia- Using material you learned from the class, write the entry for "Social Data Revolution" as you think it should be. Important points to cover might be behavior change, the difference between creation/distribution/consumption, privacy concerns, data > algorithms, location, social capital, etc.
The top 3 entries will receive 10 extra credit points each, other entries will receive extra credit via normal grading.

PLEASE NOTE: Please follow the wikipedia guidelines for writing a new article. In particular, should not be "original work," and should include appropriate citations.

Assignment: Write an entry for "Social Data Revolution" in wikipedia. The goal for this entry is to be of sufficient quality (citations, research, etc) to be approved as the REAL wikipedia entry for the social data revolution.

Below is what was submitted during the quarter for extra credit (not relevant for the final Extra Credit Assignment.

Data Visualization Using ManyEyes

Hey Guys, I would really like to recommend to you a brilliant online data visualization tool, ManyEyes from IBM. You can create popular visualizations simply by uploading your data and a few mouse clicks, which is perfect for day-to-day use.


Here are just a sample of possible visualizations you can get

external image vis_collection_small.jpg


Wonder how you can do it? Basically 3 steps:

Step 1 Register an Account

Well, nothing much to say, do it here .

Step 2 Upload your data set

The data format requirements here are quite flexible. For most of our needs, we can simply paste free text from Excel. Check the tutorial here.


Step 3 Shopping around for a visualization you like

So long as you have data uploaded and stored under your account, you can easily choose among a wide variety of visualizations and find the one best illustrates your point.

Personally, when I want to visualize column oriented data from Excel, I may simply use Excel. The most valuable part are under the "Analyze a Text" and "See the World" section on this page .

With those under "Analyze a Text", you can easily create tag cloud or word tree like this, brilliant, isn't it?

external image dreamtree-small.gif external image cap.png

Maybe the most painful part for anyone actually written some visualization program is about maps. Here ManyEyes comes to the rescue.

external image world_map_selection.gif


I highly recommend you give it a try for the coming homeworks!

Good luck,