Create a account. Play around with it for awhile, and read a few relevant news articles. Make sure to:
  • Look at a few deals in different cities.
  • Look at a few deals on two different days.
  • If something strikes your fancy, by all means buy it!
  • As a consumer- How does social play into the experience?
  • As a business- What would prompt you to try this somewhat unconventional marketing channel?
  • As a business- would you use Groupon solely to clear out excess inventory, or is something else going on here?
  • As Groupon- What competitive advantage/defensibility are you building?

Below are some additional resources:
Great analysis-
General information-

By 20 May Thursday noon, submit a 1-2 page write up to
Subject: DF4- Groupon
Answer the following questions:
  • What problem does Groupon solve for you (that wasn't solved before)? (perspective of BOTH businesses and consumers)
  • What was a hurdle; what made it hard to use? (perspective of BOTH businesses and consumers)
  • What would you change to improve the service? (perspective of BOTH businesses and consumers
  • What's the barrier to entry? ie: what does Groupon have that the 80+ clones don't?