Homework Overview
Your grade in this class will consist of 4 homeworks, 4 dogfoods, a wiki assignment, and a project. The point breakdown is as follows:

Homework Scoring

Class Participation
HW1- Analytics
HW2- Recommendations (Delicious)
HW3- Bit.ly
HW4- Discovery (Twitter)
DF1- Yourversion
DF2- GoogleWave
DF3- Quora
DF4- Groupon
P1- Initial Idea
P2- Project URL
P3- Final Specs
P4- Status Report
P5- Initial Results
P6- Final Results
P7- Presentation (by invitation)
EC = Extra Credit
  • Project: Teams of 4-5 students tackle interesting problems in the social data space. The project will span the entire term, culminating in class presentations from select groups.
  • Homework: The assignments will be graded according to the deliverables explained on each assignment page. The more time consuming ones are weighted more heavily than the quick ones. The homework deliberately spans a wide spectrum of required times and skill sets. You can see that making sense of web analytics is very different from designing an algorithm for discovering Twitter users to follow, or getting a simple content recommender system to work on Delicious.
  • Dogfood: One goal of the course is to be able to think creatively and develop meaningful insights about the social data landscape. Firsthand experience with social media tools over the course of the term will provide a foundation for students to stand on and begin exploring this world. Since the landscape is changing at an incredible pace and there are a wealth of services in the wild, we will explore several over the currently most exciting services.
  • Participation: Contributions during class and Class material from each session needs to be summarized and improved upon by a group of students to serve as a continuous resource. You must form a group and sign up to write a wiki page. Your group is responsible for creating the initial wiki page for the class that week and getting it up within 3 days. The page will be evaluated at 5pm 3 days after class. At that stage, the page must clearly emphasize the key learnings of the class, why they are relevant, and link to relevant materials elsewhere. Any time after that, every student is invited to improve the pages as the course develops with useful and relevant links that connect concepts together. You can look at past wikis (2007, 2008) to get an idea of what is expected.
  • In agreement with instructor, some of the above can be replaced by by contributions such as sharing some of your insights on facebook.com/socialdatarevolution, commenting on, and helping with the SocialDataRevolution.com site.

How to Submit Assignments
Assignments are due electronically at noon on the day they're due. Please email your homework assignments to mse237@gmail.com as text, pdf, doc, or docx using the following convention "FirstName_LastName_AssignmentNumber":
Subject: "Jeremy_Carr_HW1" OR "Jeremy_Carr_DF3"
Filename: Jeremy_Carr_HW1
No hard copy is necessary for any of the homework assignments.