HW1: Create a webpage and use web analytics.
Assigned: Tues April 6, 2010

Due: noon, Thur April 8, 2010

Email to: mse237@gmail.com.

Note: This homework should be done individually.

  • Create a website using Leland (free) (easy instructions), Google Gears (10 USD / yr to reserve the domain name), or Weebly (free).
  • Create a Google Analytics account and link it to the website you just created.
  • Make sure at least 1 impression registers in google analytics (note there may be a slight time delay (up to an hour) between the time a page view is initiated and google analytics registers it).
  • Poke around Google Analytics to see what features are available.
  • Submit a few screenshots from your analytics account.
Learning: What’s easy, What’s hard
Grading: Pass / Fail