MSE237 Overview -- The DOGFOOD part

One goal of the course is to be able to think creatively and develop meaningful insights about the social data landscape. Firsthand experience with social media tools over the course of the term will provide a foundation for students to stand on and begin exploring this world. Since the landscape is changing at an incredible pace and there are a wealth of services in the wild, we will explore several over the currently most exciting services.
As you explore these tools, please think about the following:
  • What data do you find burdensome to submit? Easy? How could this be improved?
  • Implicit vs explicit data: What data is being provided directly by the user vs being automatically gathered?
  • Is there associated metadata that's valuable, but not immediately obvious? (timestamp, click data, etc)
  • What data is not currently available that might radically improve the signal to noise ratio for data mining?
  • What data is publicly available vs private?

The submissions will center around the following three questions:
  • What problem do they solve that wasn't solved before?
  • What is the barrier to adoption? How could it be reduced?
  • What one feature would you add?

Dogfoods will include Yourversion, Google Wave, Quora, Groupon. Details revealed throughout the quarter!