This page lists course announcements, updates, and some emails sent to the students. The most recent ones are also shown on top of the home page.

Class Final Wrap Up

  • Breathe a sigh of relief... you're done!
  • For those interested in doing a little bit more, please see the extra credit assignment , due Sunday June 6th.

For class 18, Thursday 27 May 2010, please:

  • P6, the final deliverable for your project is due by May 27, noon. See the Project_Requirements page for more details.
  • We will be joined by a panel of VCs from Accel and Alloy, among others!
  • We will be having a dinner reception at 5.30p after class, the food will be excellent.
  • The Open-First Contest is due on Sunday- speak with the professor at the reception if you're planning to submit.

For class 17, Tuesday 25 May 2010, please:

For class 16, Thursday 20 May 2010, please:

Esther Dyson will be coming to class and share her social data revolution insights.
  • Please post before Thursday noon on one insightful question you would like her to address. Be bold! Questions are at least as important as answers.
To come up with a question that will be picked, just search the web for some good video interviews with Esther related to our topics, and/or some relevant posts, and/or listen to the mp3 of a conversation on Digital Exhibitionismtwo years ago.

For class 15, Tuesday 18 May 2010, please:

For class 11, 4 May 2010, please:

For class 10, 29 Apr 2010, please:

  • Post a single thought about what you learned from Celerity in the thread on
  • Submit your Twitter assignment by noon.

For class 9, 27 Apr 2010, please:

  • P2 for your project is due by Apr 27, noon.
  • Begin the Twitter assignment by requesting whitelisting from Twitter. See the assignment for more information.
  • Post a question for Adam from Celerity in the thread on

For class 8, 22 Apr 2010, please:

For class 6, 15 Apr 2010, please:

For class 5, 13 Apr 2010, please:

For class 4, 08 Apr 2010, please:

  • If you've formed a project team, visit the (project-based) wiki page Project_Teams to give your (preliminary) team name, a very short description of the goal and the data, and make sure there is a full list of all team members.Don't panic if you haven't finalized your team yet, we have blocked out a small amount of class time tomorrow to help wrap up the team formation process. Once you have a team, please also enter the name of your team name in column A of the (student-based) goggle spreadsheet

For class 3, 06 Apr 2010, please: