Andreas Weigend
Social Data Revolution
MS&E 237, Stanford University, Spring 2010

Class 9: Product Development Teams

Class Date: April 27, 2010
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This Tuesday, 27Apr, we are fortunate to have Adam Josephs (Stanford '88) share his experience and deep insights into accelerating product development teams. Super relevant to help you deliver on your class projects!
Focus: Create and deliver the product for this class.
Learnings: Will extend way beyond this project
3:00 Andreas to meet Brad at Bytes
4:00 Adam to meet Andreas and Brad at classroom

Class 9

4:15 Homeworks
- Twitter whitelisting (extension)
- Feedback on (Muhammad with help from Nick?)
4:25 Summary of real time (Andreas)
4:35 Adam Josephs, partner at Celerity (Talk and Q&A)
(~4:55) Exercise (Andreas, Adam and Brad Rubenstein)
5:20 Lessons learned (Andreas)
5:30 (after class) Brad Rubenstein, partner at Celerity, will be available for half an hour to discuss with insterested students their specific projects.

Jose Michael Dietrich-Leis